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Learn how to complete an application form, pass an assessment centre, pass a psychometric test and succeed at your job interview with our excellent career videos, information guides and online testing facilities! is the only site you need in order to succeed...

How to pass an interview

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It is extremely difficult in the current climate, not only in terms of finding jobs to apply for, but passing the selection process. The competition for jobs in the UK is as fierce as ever, which is why you need to ensure your application form is completed in-line with the advice provided on this website and within our career videos. You must also ensure you prepare fully for the assessment centre and the interview.

How to pass psychometric tests

In addition to providing you with CV building facilities, help with your application form and interview training, we also supply online numerical reasoning tests and advice on how to answer verbal reasoning tests. Click the images below to learn more about these excellent online testing suites...

Verbal Reasoning Tests Numerical Reasoning Tests

Many employers will want to see evidence of where you match the assessable qualities and attributes that form part of the person specification and the job description. It is vital that you prepare for every stage of the job application process carefully and concisely and be able to answer the interview questions that will undoubtedly come your way.

If you are required to sit a psychometric test then we now have available an excellent online testing facility that is guaranteed to help your improve your scores.



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FEATURED CAREERS VIDEOS - THE S.T.A.R Interview Technique and Application Form tips

By using the STAR method you will not only provide responses to interview questions in a highly organised manner, you will also ensure that you provide the employer with evidence of where you meet the assessable qualities. This method is also extermely useful when responding to application form questions. Watch the following careers videos to learn more...


Learn How To Give A Presentation

Watch the following short video and learn some fantastic tips on how to give a presentation. Many of us, at some point during our careers, will be required to give a presentation to a group of people. This can be a nerve-wracking experience for many. However, armed with the right approach you will deliver the perfect presentation and impress your employer in the process:


How to create a winning CV

Career expert Richard McMunn will guide you through the most effective way of creating a CV. It's easier than you think! The biggest mistake made the majority of job hunters in today's market is they try to over-complicate their CV, often filling it with irrelevant information. Aim for simplicity, great style and killer content to increase your chances of getting that job interview. Watch the following videos to learn more about how to create a brilliant CV.