The role of the modern day police officer is extremely important to society. It is also a job that many young men and women aspire to. Over 75% of people who apply to join the police will fail at the very first hurdle - the application form. The reason why they fail is simply due to a failure to provide sufficient evdidence of where they match the core competencies that are being assessed. Furthermore, those people who complete their application form with grammar, spelling and punctuation errors will fail.



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If you want to become a police officer then you must ensure that your preparation for the selection process is both concise and centred on the core competencies relevant to the role.

Before you begin to even complete the application form for becoming a police officer, it is essential that you learn about the role. This is for a number of reasons. The first reason is that you want to be 100% certain that this job is for you. I know a few people who have joined the police only to leave a few months later because ‘it wasn’t what they expected’.

The second reason is that it will help you to pass the selection process. If you understand what the role of a police officer really involves, and not what you may think it involves, then you will find the selection process far easier. This is particularly true in the case of the role play/interactive exercises and also the final interview (if appropriate).

There are a number of ways that you can learn about the role of a police officer. To begin with you will find some useful information contained on this page. Secondly, you will find plenty of information on the website of the force you are applying to join, and also through the website

When reading this article on how to become a police officer, and visiting police force websites, take notes on the information you learn about the police officer role. This will enable you to gain an in-depth understanding of the role and in turn this will make the selection process far easier to pass.

Learn and understand the core competencies
The Police Officer core competencies are the blueprint to the role of a police officer. Just as the foundation for a house to be built on must be a firm base, the core competencies are the basic skills that a police officer must be able to master if he/she is to be capable of performing the role competently.

During the selection process you will be assessed against the core competencies at every stage, therefore you must learn them, understand them, and most importantly be able to demonstrate them at every stage of selection, if you are to have any chance of succeeding.

It is important that you obtain a copy of the police officer core competencies prior to completing the application form. You will also use the core competencies during your preparation for the assessment centre and also the final interview, if applicable.

Apply the core competencies to every stage of selection
Once you pass the selection process, the Police Force will train you to become a competent member of their team. During selection they are looking to see whether or not you have the potential to become a police officer and they will use the core competencies as a basis for assessment. At every stage of the process you must demonstrate the core competencies. If you follow this important piece of advice your chances of passing will greatly increase.

Improve your fitness levels
Surprisingly, most candidates who fail the selection process do so during the fitness tests. They concentrate so much on passing the assessment centre that they neglect the other important area of fitness. Do not settle for scraping through the fitness tests but instead look to excel. You will find that as your fitness levels increase, so will your confidence and concentration levels. This in turn will help you to pass the selection process.

I strongly believe that if you follow the simple steps above then your chances of passing the selection process will increase tremendously.

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As soon as your one-off pyament of £14.99 has been made we will automatically send you your unique passcode and username by e-mail so that you can start practising immediately.

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