During the selection process for joining the Army, you will be required to sit at least two interviews. The first will be at the Careers Office and the second will be during the ADSC, or Army Development and Selection Centre as it is otherwise called. Follow the advice contained in the following video and article to gain maximum scoreswhen answering the questions.


During the Army selection process you will be required to sit a number of interviews both at the AFCO and at the ADSC. The information that I have provided within this section of the guide will assist you during your preparation for both sets of interviews.

The Army will use a set marking sheet for your interviews and the questions will be based around a number of specific criteria. The questions will vary from interview to interview but the core elements are designed to assess whether you are suitable to join the service. The following is a list of areas you may be asked questions on during your Army interview and I would recommend that you use these as a basis for your preparation:

-The reasons why you want to join the Army.

-The reasons why you have chosen your particular job, trade and Regiment.

-What information you already know about the Army, your chosen Regiment and the lifestyle and training.

-Information about your hobbies and interests including sporting activities.

-Any personal responsibilities that you currently have at home, at shool or at work.

-Information about your family and what they think about you joining the Army. Do they support you?

-Information based around your initial application form.

-Your experience of work and education and whether or not you have had any responsibility at home or work.

-Your emotional stability and your maturity.

-Your drive and determination to succeed.

- Any experience you have of working as part of a team.

- Your attitude towards physical exercise and team sports.

-Having a positive reaction to the disciplined environment.

-Your knowledge of life within the Army.


Why do you want to join the Army?
This is an almost guaranteed question during your Army interview so there should be no reason why you can’t answer it in a positive manner. Try to display motivation when answering questions of this nature. The Army are looking for people who want to become a professional member of their team and who understand the Army way of life.

By studying your Army recruitment literature and the Army website you will understand what service life is all about. You want to be a member of the British Army and you are attracted to what it has to offer. If you have been pushed into joining by your family then you shouldn’t be applying.


Why do you want to join the Army?
“I have wanted to join the Army for a number of years now and feel that I have now reached a part of my life where I am ready to commit to the service.  Having studied the Army recruitment literature and visited the Army website, I am impressed by the professionalism and standards the service sets itself.
I would like a career that is fulfilling, challenging and rewarding and I believe that the Army would provide all of these.

I enjoy keeping physically fit and active and believe that given the right training I would make a great team member. I am also very much attracted to the fact that the Army offers a wide choice of careers.

The fact that I would be improving my education and ending up with a trade is just another example of why I want to join the service. I have seriously considered the implications that joining a service such as the Army would have on both my personal life and social life and discussed these with my family.

They have given me their full support and commitment in helping me to achieve my goal of joining the Army.’


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